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17 new cases recorded nationwide

Today witnessed 17 new cases recorded nationwide including 12 local transmissions in Vientiane and five imported cases – three in Savannakhet and two in Champassak.

Some 56 patients were discharged from hospital today.

Since March 2020, Laos has recorded a total of 1,929 confirmed covid-19 cases including 1,599 recoveries, 327 active cases and three deaths.

Lao received this week three medical freezers capable of storing vaccines at temperatures of -70°C, according to the Centre of Information and Education for Health, Ministry of Health.

The Ultra Cold Chain (UCC) equipment was provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) Lao PDR Country Office thanks to the support of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health (BMG).

The Lao PDR is expecting a shipment of 100,620 doses of Pfizer vaccine in the coming days. This vaccine requires specialized UCC storage conditions to preserve its efficacy.

NIP has spent the past few months diligently working on COVID-19 vaccine distribution across the country.

As of 30th May 2021, some 885,694 doses (658,377 first doses and 227,317 second doses) have been equitably distributed to target populations across the country.

Laos has an ambitious plan to vaccinate 50% of its population this year.

Source: Lao News Agency