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19th ASEAN Telecommunications and IT Ministers’ Meeting Hosted In Vientiane

(KPL) The 19th ASEAN Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministers’ Meeting was hosted in Vientiane Capital on Oct 24 to enhance regional cooperation on telecommunications and ICT and promote ASEAN connectivity.

“Today , ICT innovation and Digital Transformation is a key driver of ASEAN’s social and economic development and today ASEAN is one of the world’s most successful regional organisations that is outward-looking and plays an active role in shaping an open and inclusive regional architecture with ASEAN at the centre,” said Deputy Prime Minister Sonesay Siphandone.

The Deputy Prime Minister assured the participants that the Lao PDR will continue to strengthen its capacity and support all cooperation that ASEAN has agreed upon in order to achieve the goals of the ASEAN’s Development Plans and realise ASEAN Community’s Vision 2025.

“To fully transform to Digital ASEAN, we need to join hands and work closely to bridge the digital divide, ensure connectivity, availability and efficient access in order to completely unleash the benefits of reducing disparity, and importantly ensure that nobody is left behind,” said the minister.

Source; Lao News Agency