ForDoz Pharma partners with Lupin on development of 2 complex injectable products

Daily Archives August 21, 2020

ForDoz Pharma partners with Lupin on development of 2 complex ...

EAST WINDSOR, N.Y., Aug. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ForDoz Pharma has entered into an agreement with Lupin, to market and distribute 2 complex injectable products in advanced development stage at ForDoz, in US and its territories. The products are in the Oncology and Anti-infective therapeutic areas which when approved, will provide affordable alternatives to […]Read More

A visit to Sisaket Temple to observe prevention during mass gathering

Vientiane - COVID-19 is a reminder that our collective health is based on our individual actions. Every one of us needs to take action to protect ourselves, our family and our community.While several countries in the region are dealing with resurgences...Read More

Biden Outlines COVID Plan As Experts Warn of Global Food Shortages

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he has a plan to help the U.S. fight the coronavirus outbreak.“After all this time the president still does not have a plan,” Biden said. “Well, I do.”Biden said Thursday in his acceptance speech at...Read More

US Universities Roll Out COVID Spit Tests

A recently approved rapid saliva test for COVID-19 is already being used on college campuses across the United States. Also called spit tests, they produce results in less than 24 hours, cost about $10, and are less invasive than the standard swab that...Read More

Telegram App Helps Drive Belarus Protests

MOSCOW - Every day, like clockwork, to-do lists for those protesting against Belarus' authoritarian leader appear in the popular Telegram messaging app. They lay out goals, give times and locations of rallies with business-like precision, and offer spi...Read More