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30Additional Buses Ready for Lao New Year

The Southern Bus Station is adding 30 buses to service passengers and commuters who plan to return to their hometowns during the Lao Lunar New Year.

Director of Southern Bus Station, Mr Vanphen Sisouk, told journalists last Friday that the bus station is ready to provide its best service to passengers who plan to return home for the holidays.

This year, we have a new bus station to serve a large number of passengers and we expect around 3,000-4,000 passengers to use our services, said Mr Vanphen.

The fares for different routes are as follows:

Vientiane-Km 20: regular bus � 85,000kip;

Vientiane-Namthone: regular bus � 40,000kip;

Vientiane-Thakhek: regular bus � 60,000; VIP bus � 700,000 kip; sleeper bus � 80,000 kip;

Vientiane-Savannakhet: regular bus � 75,000; VIP bus � 90,000 kip; sleeper bus � 120,000 kip;

Vientiane-Pakse: regular bus � 110,000; VIP bus � 140,000 kip; sleeper bus � 170,000 kip;

Vientiane-Saravane and Sekong: regular bus � 130,000; VIP bus � 160,000 kip; sleeper bus � 190,000 kip;

Vientiane-Attapeu: regular bus � 140,000; VIP bus � 180,000 kip; sleeper bus � 220,000 kip.

Source: Lao News Agency