3rd Plenary Meeting of 8th Central Committee of WPK Closes

The 3rd Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) closed on Jun 18 after successfully wrapping up the discussion of the agendas as millions of Party members, boundlessly inspired by the leadership of the great Party Central Committee, displayed their iron will to faithfully implement the important policies newly indicated by the Party.

The 4-day sitting of the plenary meeting reviewed the organizational and ideological life of the members of the Party central leadership organ in the first six months of 2021 as the 7th agenda.

Listening to the data, the members of the leadership organ seriously looked back on their Party life in an all-round way with the remorse for failing to live up to the expectations of all the Party members and people who trust them as the cores of the WPK and expect them to strive to carry out the important tasks in a responsible manner.

General Secretary Kim Jong Un pointed out the serious problems revealed in the work and life of the members of the Party central leadership organ newly elected at the 8th Congress of the Party although they made solemn pledges before the Party and the people.

He taught in detail what readiness and work attitude the members of the leadership organ should take to fulfil their historic mission and how they should strive to cultivate themselves ideologically, spiritually, culturally and morally.

The General Secretary stressed the need for the members of the leadership organ to draw a serious lesson from defects revealed in the first half of the year, bear deep in mind again the ideals of “The People Are God”, single-minded unity and self-reliance set forth at the Party congress with the plenary meeting as an occasion and redouble their efforts with higher awareness to fully discharge their responsibilities and duties.

He said that in order to do so, they should be genuine revolutionaries who thoroughly accept and implement without fail the decisions of the Party Central Committee in whatever difficult circumstances and devote themselves without hesitation to defending the true nature of the Party just like the preceding generations of the revolution.

He earnestly asked the members of the leadership organ to make every occasion of going among the people an important political work of deepening the kindred between the Party and the popular masses and giving confidence and encouragement to the people with a resolution to work heart and soul to bring benefits of socialist system ever closer to the people and with a commitment not to do anything that offends the interests of the people.

Saying that the people who should take the lead in making the Party fulfil its duty as the militant general staff of the revolution and making it the one serving the people are the members of the Party central leadership organ, he ardently called upon them to devote all their wisdom and passion to thoroughly carrying out the major policy tasks discussed and decided at the plenary meeting without an inch of deflection.

The plenary meeting discussed the organizational issue as the 8th agenda.

It recalled and by-elected members and alternate members of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee and members and alternate members of the Party Central Committee and dismissed and appointed senior officials of the state organ.

The General Secretary concluded the plenary meeting

Saying that the plenary meeting was able to successfully perform its work and fulfill its historic and important duty thanks to the ardent participation and boundless responsibility of the members of the Party central leadership organ, he expressed thanks to all the members of the leadership organ for taking an active and sincere part in the discussion of the overall work of the Party and the state throughout the plenary meeting.

He solemnly swore on behalf of the WPK Central Committee that the Party will surely break through head-on the difficulties lying in the way of the revolution in the indomitable fighting spirit and remain loyal to the revolutionary idea and cause of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il to the end without the slightest deviation whatever severer difficulties it may be confronted with in the future.

All the participants in the plenary meeting, extending boundless gratitude to the General Secretary who provided immortal guidelines and a powerful practical weapon for vigorously leading the Korean-style socialism to progress and development with his extraordinary wisdom, insight, ceaseless thinking and devotion and instilled firm confidence and unbounded inspiring power in all the Party members and the people, broke into stormy applause and enthusiastic cheers reflecting their pledge of loyalty to single-mindedly and devotedly uphold the General Secretary’s idea and leadership.

The 3rd Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the WPK held under the guidance of the General Secretary will be etched in the history of the Juche-oriented revolution as a historic meeting at which important decisions for the prosperity of the country and the people’s wellbeing were made despite the severest adversity and as a significant one through which the ever-victorious leadership of the WPK resolutely opening up an era of fresh dynamic advance with strenuous efforts despite manifold difficulties in the way ahead was fully demonstrated.

Source: Lao News Agency