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5th Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge gets 32% completed

The construction of the fifth Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge spanning the Mekong River between Borikhamxay of Laos and Bueng Kan in northeastern Thailand has been confirmed 32% completed.

As for the Lao side, the bridge construction project has been subcontracted to several builders with some responsible for the construction of the bridge and some for the building of an access road to the bridge and an immigration office.

The project, costing 1.1 billion baht (over 32 million US dollars), is expected to be fully built by 2023.

Head of the 5th Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge Construction Project Mr. Laithong Phommavong said that the construction started in the beginning of 2021.

“Currently, we are focusing on drilling and pouring concrete for remaining columns as they must be finished before the arrival of rainy season,” said Mr. Laithong.

He also claimed that the construction has encountered several challenges, including Covid-19, erratic climate conditions, and unpredictable changes in the water levels of the Mekong.

Source: Lao News Agency