6th Conference of Cell Secretaries of Workers’ Party of Korea Opens

The 6th Conference of Cell Secretaries of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) was opened in Pyongyang on April 6 amid the great interest and expectation of all Party members and people all out in implementing new strategic line and struggle policy of the socialist construction set forth at the 8th Congress of the WPK and the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the 8th Party Central Committee.

The conference will be a significant occasion in strengthening the Party’s leadership and the single-minded unity of the revolutionary ranks in every way and bring about an epochal advance in the implementation of the decisions of the Party Congress and in the socialist construction by more thoroughly establishing the unified leadership system of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un in the whole Party and firmly preparing Party cells to be vanguard ranks that defy death to implement the Party policy with strong sense of militant and fighting efficiency.

The great victory and considerable achievements made in the socialist construction in the ideals of “The People Are God”, single-minded unity and self-reliance defying all sorts of challenges and difficulties of history are the proud results brought about by the idea of the WPK’s idea of giving importance to the Party cells and its line of strengthening the Party cells meant to open up a shortcut to strengthening the whole Party by constantly increasing the function and role of the Party cells, main unit linking the Party and the masses into one and militant units directly implementing the Party’s line and policy.

The 6th Conference of Cell Secretaries of the WPK will generally analyze and review the work done by the secretaries of Party cells in implementing the tasks set forth at the 5th Conference of Cell Chairpersons of the WPK and discuss the tasks and practical ways of decisively improving and strengthening the work of Party cells at present.

Attending the conference were Party cell secretaries working in various fields, mainly the exemplary cell secretaries working at production sites, and officials in central and local Party committees.

All the participants were full of ardent reverence for and trust in the General Secretary, who with primary significance attached to strengthening the basic Party organizations in building the revolutionary Party of Juche and accomplishing cause of socialist construction, led the Party cells to become solid cornerstones supporting the Party.

Amid the playing of a welcoming music General Secretary of the WPK Kim Jong Un appeared on the platform to guide the conference.

Taking the platform were Jo Yong Won, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK and secretary for organizational affairs of the Party Central Committee, Jong Sang Hak and Ri Il Hwan, secretaries of the Party Central Committee, Kwon Yong Jin, director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People’s Army, Kim Jae Ryong, O Il Jong and Ho Chol Man, department directors of the Party Central Committee, and senior officials of the central and local Party committees.

Kim Jong Un made an opening speech of the 6th Conference of Cell Secretaries of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Stressing that to consolidate the Party as a whole by strengthening grass-roots organizations is a principle of its building inherent and unique to the Party and its proud tradition, he clarified the duties of secretaries of Party cells, the importance of consolidating the Party cells, the intention of the Party Central Committee that regards a conference of cell secretaries as important as a Party congress, and the purpose of convening the conference.

Fully convinced that this conference will mark a significant occasion in further consolidating the foundations of the Party, building revolutionary ranks into more invincible ones and bringing about a remarkable progress in implementing the decisions of the Party congress and in socialist construction, he declared the 6th Conference of Cell Secretaries of the Workers’ Party of Korea open.

Jo Yong Won made a report “Let’s unconditionally and devotedly carry out the five-year plan set forth at the Eighth Party Congress by further boosting the militant and fighting efficiency of Party cells.”

He said that the current conference is held at a stirring time when the all-people general march for opening up an era of new advance in socialist construction is powerfully expedited under the wise leadership of the respected General Secretary.

The General Secretary has ushered in a brilliant golden age in strengthening the entire Party by comprehensively developing the ideas and theories of building the great Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Party and seeing to it that they are applied to the work of Party cells to the letter, he said.

Under the direct initiative and guidance of the General Secretary the 4th Conference of Cell Secretaries of the WPK and the 5th Conference of Cell Chairpersons of the WPK took place in the new century of Juche, he said, adding that the new century has been recorded as the one of glory and struggle when the great vitality of the Party’s idea of prioritizing Party cells and line of strengthening them are fully displayed.

He noted that the General Secretary set forth the militant slogan “Let Us Strengthen Party Cells into Loyal Cells, into Vanguard Ranks for the Implementation of the Party’s Policies!” and indicated detailed orientation and ways for strengthening Party cells at the 5th Conference of Cell Chairpersons of the WPK.

The Party cells serve as the primary units for creating bonds between the Party and the masses and as the militant units and the first-line trench for directly carrying out the lines and policies of the Party by organizing and mobilizing the Party members and other working people, he said, adding: This classical formulation constitutes the undying guidelines scientifically clarifying the importance of the position and role of the Party cells.

The 8th Congress of the WPK and the first workshop for the chief secretaries of the city and county Party committees clearly set forth ideologies and theories including the issue of establishing a revolutionary climate of correctly adopting and unconditionally carrying out the Party decisions, the issue of intensifying criticism, ideological struggle and study within the Party and the issue of turning the work for strengthening Party cells in the one of Party committees, he noted, adding: This has made sure that the Party gets stronger in its revolutionary nature and appearance as a working, struggling and advancing party, and helped enhance its fighting efficiency in every way.

The energetic ideo-theoretical activities of the respected General Secretary will shine forever along with the development of the Party cells, he said.

The General Secretary has always paid deep attention to strengthening the basic Party organizations and wisely led the work for boosting the militant function and role of Party cells, he pointed out.

He said that the wise guidance of the General Secretary assured the cell secretaries of the whole Party of whom they are, what they should do and where they should stand and how they should struggle when the Party and the state suffer hardships.

He said that the proud life and high honor of the Party cell secretaries are unthinkable apart from the benevolence shown by the General Secretary who has placed the deepest trust in them, raised their spirit and led them step by step.

His great love and trust have helped many cell secretaries grow into vanguard fighters and paragons of the times who carry out the Party policies, the reporter noted.

The Party cells have so far been consolidated as firm integral organizations that achieved ideological and volitional unity of their members, basic foundations of the Party which have taken deep roots among the masses, and permanent cornerstone for ensuring the implementation of the Party line and policy, he said, and went on: This is the great fruition of outstanding idea and leadership provided by the General Secretary.

The reporter, reflecting the unanimous feelings of all the participants and other people across the country, paid the highest tribute to President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who developed the WPK into an invincible and powerful one with hundreds of thousands of militant Party cells, and extended the highest glory and warmest greeting to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the tender-hearted teacher and father of the cell secretaries ushering in the greatest heyday of developing the Party cells with his extraordinary ideological and theoretical wisdom and energetic leadership.

The report referred to the successes and experience in the work of the Party cells in the course of the struggle for thoroughly implementing the important tasks set forth at the 5th Conference of Cell Chairpersons of the WPK for developing the Party cells into the ones of loyalists and vanguard ranks for implementing Party policies.

It cited facts of how the Party cell secretaries made a great advance in developing the Party cells into the ranks who take the lead in devotedly defending Kim Jong Un and groups of steadfast loyalists by conducting to good effect the ideological education of various forms and methods for training the Party members to be genuine Kimilsungists-Kimjongilists.

Source: Lao News Agency