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831 lives claimed in road accidents in 2021

Traffic Police Department, Ministry of Public Security has reported that 831 lives have been claimed in road accidents over the past twelve months.

Some 5,576 road accidents have been recorded so far this year with over 8,300 people injured and damages estimated at over 92 billion kip (approx US$8.23 million).

Although the year witnessed reduction in the number of road accidents as compared to 2020, the numbers of injuries and deaths remain high,” Director General of the Traffic Police Department Lt. Col. Kongsi Suvannatoum said on Dec 30.

“Most drivers ignore road safety instructions as we can see children under 18 using vehicles without licenses, some drivers driving while intoxicated, driving too fast, overtaking, ignoring rules,” said Lt. Col. Kongsi Suvannatoum.

Source: Lao News Agency