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85 Killed In Road Accidents Across Laos In Feb

VIENTIANE, Mar 13 (NNN-KPL) – Road accidents claimed 85 lives across Laos in Feb, compared to 114 in the previous month, according to a report issued today by the traffic police department, under the Lao Ministry of Public Security.

The report said, there were 624 road accidents recorded across the country in Feb, with 85 people killed and 997 others injured.

The main causes of road accidents were drunk-driving and speeding. Majority of the accidents involved drivers aged 16 to 30.

Meanwhile, the report said, a rising number of foreign visitors were involved in road accidents, mostly Vietnamese tourists.

In Jan, 770 road accidents were reported in Laos, it said.– NNN-KPL

Source: Nam News Network (NNN)