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Abandoned Cars Need New Homes

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has been working to resolve the problem of illegally imported vehicles, and others with unpaid taxes due that have been abandoned.

With proper documents and fees paid, owners and auto import companies can claim the vehicles through August 31st of this year.

If the car owners or auto import companies refuse to produce the required documents and pay the fees, they will be penalized, based on law, according to an urgent announcement by the Ministry of Finance made last week.

There are about 100 cars with overdue taxes that were imported from 2012 – 2015 and several others that were imported from January to August 31 of 2016. The MoF wants to resolve this problem and if back taxes and fees are paid, the vehicles will be considered legal.

This is according to a meeting held last week to resolve the abandoned car problem, which was attended by the Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr Bounchom Oubonpaseuth.

This is being done to implement a notice issued by the Prime Minister’s Office on January 25 to resolve the problem of the abandoned vehicles.

Source: Lao News Agency