ADB-funded schools handed over to local authorities in Vientiane Province

On April 25, at Napaphai Lower Secondary School, there was held a handover ceremony for 5 secondary schools newly built with a 6.3 billion financial support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Muen district, Vientiane Province.

The handover ceremony was attended by Deputy Director General of the General Education Department Ministry of Education and Sports, Ms Nuamkham Chanthabury, Deputy Director of the Education and Sport Department of Vientiane Province Mr Thongkhien Latthavan, Governor of Meun district Mr Phonthird Suvatdy, and representatives of relevant authorities.

President of the Triangle Economic Development (contractor) Mr Chanthakhat Chanthalangsy said that the construction of the five secondary schools in Napaphai, Pakchanh, Sengsavang, Namhon, and Nampheun took 15 months to complete.

Delivering remarks at the ceremony, Mr. Phonthird Suvatdy expressed thanks to the General Education Department of the Ministry of Education and Sports for its attention attached to the human resource development in Meun district, and assured the participants that the district authorities will protect and use the schools to their full potential.

Source: Lao News Agency