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Admission Fee Service For Forbidden City Goes Faster Than Ever

There is no more long queue of tourists to buy entry tickets and no need to wait for one-and-half hours to visit the Forbidden City, one of the most famous tourist destinations in China and the world as the entry would last visitors just 15 minutes.

Director of Palace Museum, Dr Shan Jixiang said that the entry service for tourists to visit the palace museum has been well improved when compared to few years ago that tourists had to wait for about half hours to wait for security check.

We can solve the problem by using up-to-date technology to manage for selling entry tickets via QR code and website for last few years. This way receives positive response from the society as well as local and overseas visitors, Dr Jixiang.

The tourists buying entry tickets using QR code is 40 per cent of total daily visitors, almost 60 per cent buy from website and only 1 to 8 percent buy tickets in traditional way. Nowadays, approximately 80,000 tourists visit the museum on a daily basis.

Eighty percent of a total area of the Forbidden City has been opened for the public to see after completing renovation.

Admission fee per person is available for sales at between 40 to 60 yuan (1 yuan=1,300 kip) depends on tourism seasons, according to the museum website

Source: Lao News Agency