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Afternoon briefing on February 20

Hanoi: The following is a brief review of the day’s events as reported by the Vietnam News Agency.

– State President Vo Van Thuong offered incense to King An Duong Vuong at the Co Loa special national relic in Hanoi’s outlying district of Dong Anh on February 20.

An Duong Vuong, succeeding the era of the nation founders Hung Kings, is credited with establishing Au Lac, an ancient state in Vietnam. His strategic vision and unwavering determination in national construction and defence led him to relocate the nation’s centre from the northern mountainous region to the vast and fertile plains where he established the ancient capital, known today as Co Loa. Read full story

– Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha underlined the need to manage the pharmaceutical industry under market rules, ensuring publicity, transparency, quality control, safety, and cheapest prices during a meeting in Hanoi on February 19 to discuss the law on amendments and supplementations to some articles of the Law on Pharmacy.

Ha asked the
Ministry of Health (MoH) to collect ideas and fully clarify regulations in the bill, especially those related to the implementation of international commitments and agreements as well as laws on investment, price management, advertising, and rights of foreign-invested enterprises. Read full story

– Vietnam saw positive macroeconomic indicators in January. One of the bright spots that continues to be mentioned is the inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI), with registered capital reaching 2.36 billion USD as of January 20, a year-on-year increase of 40.2%.

Foreign investors accelerate investment in Vietnam not only because of advantages in the business and investment environment, or factors related to the quality of human resources and incentives, but also thanks to the growth potential of an economy of 100 million people. Read full story

– Vietnam’s rice exports are expected to continue their upward trajectory this year, toward a milestone of 5 billion USD in turnover.

The year marks a period of antici
pated volatility in the global rice market, encompassing fluctuations in production and demand, as well as related policies from leading exporting nations. Hence, innovation in production and flexible export management are crucial conditions for the Vietnamese rice industry to achieve its growth targets. Read full story

– The building of the north-south hi-speed rail line must ensure modern, cohesive, and sustainable elements in line with the Politburo’s guideline as outlined in Conclusion No. 49-KL/TW, permanent Government members made the conclusion in a document issued by the Government Office on February 19.

They requested that the project be integrated into a comprehensive planning framework, incorporating strategic forecasts of transportation demand across all modes of aviation, road, rail, maritime, and inland waterways, over the long term. Read full story

– MoMo has solidified its position as the most popular e-wallet in Vietnam for two consecutive years, according the Fintech Industry Rankings 202
3 announced by Viettel’s information monitoring and analysis system on the network environment (Reputa).

Following its impressive performance in 2022, MoMo continued to take the lead in the rankings with a total score of 138.23, or 2.5 times higher than VTCPay, which came second in the list. Read full story

– Metfone under the Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group (Viettel) marked its 15 years of operation in Cambodia at a ceremony held in Phnom Penh on February 19.

Speaking at the event, Viettel Chairman Tao Duc Thang said that the group has invested and transferred state-of-the-art telecommunications technologies to Cambodia, helping generate social benefits in the country over the past 15 years. Read full story

– Vietnam aims to send 125,000 labourers abroad to work under contracts in 2024, focusing on key traditional markets such as Japan, Taiwan (China) and the Republic of Korea (RoK), according to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA).

According to Nguyen Nhu Tuan, dep
uty head of the Information and Communication Division, MoLISA’s Department of Overseas Labour, about 63,000 labourers are expected to be sent to Japan. Vietnam will send about 48,000 workers to Taiwan and 8,500 to the RoK. Read full story

– Midfielder Nguyen Hoang Duc of The Cong Viettel Football Club (FC) has won the Golden Ball award for the second time while goal keeper Tran Thi Kim Thanh of Ho Chi Minh City FC 1 picked up the title in the women’s category.

The awarding ceremony was held in HCM City on February 19./. Read full story

Source: Vietnam News Agency