Aid extended to flood victims in Xayaboury

Individuals and organsiations have donated cash and other relief items to help people affected by recent flooding in the northwestern province of Xayaboury.

The donors included Lao-German Friendship Association donating 10 million kip each to Pong Primary School, Bung Primary School, Simungkhoun Primary School, Nayao Primary School and Xayaboury District Kindergarten, and more than 6 million kip to the Provincial Disaster Management Committee.

The Lao Khene Association donated 10 million kip in cash and consumer goods worth 39 million kip.

At a handover ceremony held on Jul 17, Governor of Xayaboury Province Phongsavanh Sitthavong expressed thanks to the donors for helping alleviate the suffering of the flood victims.

Nine villages in Xayaboury district, Xayaboury province encountered severe flooding in mid June following days of torrential rain.

The flooding affected over 3,000 people in the villages of Nayao, Nator Yai, Nong Seng, Boung, Thin, Pong, Simueng, and Simoungkhoun.

Source: Lao News Agency