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Andrei Stenin international press photo contest now accepting entriesBicycle tour connects Vietnamese, Chinese provinces

MOSCOW: The 10th annual Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, an annual competition in honor of Rossiya Segodnya international media group photojournalist Andrei Stenin, who was killed on duty in Donbas, Ukraine in 2014, is already open for entries.

The contest is an annual competition to discover young talent among photojournalists aged 18 to 33.

Sputnik news agency and radio is its international media partner.

A new category, “View From Above,” has been added to the existing four — “Top News,” “Sports,” “My Planet,” and “Portrait. A Hero of Our Time” — to encourage contestants to explore a new visual perspective with a focus on unconventional subjects and settings.

Top News – Important events in the life of individuals and nations as a whole are the main subject of entries in the category: major political and social events; reports from war zones and places struck by natural disasters; decisive moments in people’s lives.

Sports – This category involves entries, which captured moments in sp
ort: victories of athletes and dramatic losses; daily sports training; the beauty of sports competitions.

My Planet – This category involves entries reflecting the entire multicolored palette of topics and images from all over the world. The author’s task is to show an everyday life kaleidoscope in its timeless beauty and harmony, uniting scenes from everyday life; the life of big cities and small towns; nature pictures; ethnographic and religious holidays.

Portrait. A Hero of Our Time – This category involves entries such as individual or group portraits of people. Photos can be documentary and posed. The determining factor in this category is the author’s ability to reveal the inner world of his characters, express their mental qualities and character through the uniqueness of their appearance and looks as a whole.

Top View – Single photographs taken from a bird’s eye view are accepted in this category. Photographs can depict plants and animals, city life, people, moments from everyday life and sporting
events, and abstract imagery. The decisive factor is the shooting angle. Images can be taken using a quadcopter, a photo camera, or a mobile phone camera.

The top prize is 700,000 rubles (US$7,588). The first, second and third places in the contest will fetch 125,000 rubles, 100,000 rubles and 75,000 rubles, respectively.

Deadline for submission is March 15.

“Over 10 years, it has become a truly multinational platform for young and talented photographers who are not afraid to take risks, look for new angles and express their opinions in a bright and unbiased manner,” Oksana Oleinik, the contest’s curator, said.

Entries are uploaded and stored by the participant on his or her personal page at

Photos can be added or replaced until the participant submits the entry.

After the entry is submitted, photos can no longer be added or replaced.

Photographs must have been taken after Jan. 1, 2023. In exceptional cases, series of photographs started in previous years are accepted.

In such case,
the last photograph of the series must have been taken in 2023 or 2024.

The jury will be comprised of Russian photographers Alyona Kochetkova and Alexey Orlov, who were winners of the Stenin Contest in 2018 and 2023, respectively, as well as Italian photographers Danilo Garcia Di Meo and Gabriele Cecconi, and Turkish photojournalist Sebnem Coskun.

The jurors said they were honored to be given such an opportunity, adding that they are committed to bringing the stories that need to be seen by a wider audience.

Source: Philippines News Agency

Ha Giang: A two-day bicycle tour linking two international border gates of Vietnam and China was launched on February 16, helping to enhance tourism ties between the two sides and promising exciting experiences for visitors to Vietnam’s northernmost province of Ha Giang.

Trieu Thi Tinh, Deputy Director of the Ha Giang provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said the tour, named ‘One journey – Two countries’, starts at the Tianbao International Border Gate in China’s Yunnan province, goes through the Thanh Thuy International Border Gate in Ha Giang province, and ends in Ha Giang city.

In the city, visitors will explore such destinations as the culture and tourism village of Ha Thanh hamlet and Tha hamlet of Phuong Do commune, the March 26 Square, the Km0 milestone, the Provincial Museum, and the Nguyen Trai pedestrian street. They can also enjoy the cuisine and unique culture of local ethnic groups, she noted.

Tinh added that the tour, a new tourism product jointly held by the Explore Ha Giang
Co. Ltd. and the Ma Li Pho international travel company of Yunnan, is expected to help enhance tourism cooperation between Ha Giang and Yunnan, increase the number of tourists travelling through the Thanh Thuy – Tianbao international border gates, and offer attractive experiences to visitors.

It is also a suggestion for domestic and foreign travel companies to pay more attention to bicycle tourism in Ha Giang, according to the official.

Ha Giang province is home to a number of famous destinations like the Quan Ba twin mountains, Dong Van ancient town, Lung Cu Flag Tower, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Meo Vac market, Hoang Su Phi terraced fields, and Mount Tay Con Linh. It also boasts long-standing history and culture and accommodates 19 ethnic groups with special cultural identities.

In 2023, it welcomed over 3 million tourists and earned nearly 7.1 trillion VND (290 million USD) from tourism, statistics showed./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency