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ASEAN Journalists Granted Training Opportunities In R. Korea

Nine Journalists from six ASEAN countries namely Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Vietnam have been granted the opportunity to have short-term training in the Republic of Korea.

An opening event for the media programme was held at the Korea Press Centre in Seoul, Korea, in the presence of the Chairman of the Korea Foundation Byung Wook Min and the President of Kwanhun Journalists Club Sung Hee Park.

Fellowship program for the Foreign is organized annually by the Korea Press Foundation in cooperation with Kwanhun Club. The programme was commenced in 2012 to give Korean supports in reciprocation for the assistance extended to the Republic of Korea by international community during the Korean War, said Mr. Byung Wook Min.

This year marks the 7th anniversary of the fellowship programme.

This year, we invite nine journalists from six ASEAN countries that sent forces or provided support to South Korea during the Korean War, including the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia.

As the New Southern Policy Initiative of Korea’s Moon Jae-in government indicates that ASEAN is a very important region in terms of the Korean economy, foreign affairs and security. In this regard, President Moon is expected to visit all 10 ASEAN countries by next year. His administration is also putting effort into strengthening cooperation with ASEAN countries by increasing the Korea-ASEAN cooperative fund by two folds.

During the 4-week-long fellowship programme, the participants will gain a lot of experience about Korean culture, economy and society. This programme will also help participants better understand the digital journalism and can learn know-hows of the Korean press in detail.

Through internship programmes at Korean media companies, the participants can find how they keep up with a new media environment.

The programme provides the participants an opportunity to join the “KPF Journalism Conference,” organized by the Korea Press Foundation, where they can gain fruitful insights from innovation projects of the news media around the globe.

During the programme, the participants will visit Gyeong-ju, a 1,000-year-capital city, designated as a world heritage site by the UNESCO, and Jeju Island, which is a beautiful volcanic island.

Source: Lao News Agency