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Attapeu Authorities Advised to Inspect Illegal Logging

Deputy Primer Sonexay Siphandone has advised Attapeu Province to address some existing negative issues of illegal logging, drug abuse, illicit trafficking and online social media control.

Deputy Premier Sonexay gave directives to leading officials of Attapeu province during his working visit to Attapeu on June 5, where he was warmly welcomed by Vice Governor of Attapeu Souksamai Chanthamard and other high-ranking officials.

Attapeu Leaders have been advised to pay attention to social problem such as drug abuse, illicit trafficking, illegal logging, smuggling, mining and using online media to spread illicit ideas.

The migration of labourers to other countries and overseas workers in the province should be registered to ensure order and tidiness in society under the laws of Laos, Mr Sonexay advised.

In the field of agriculture, Deputy Premier Sonexay said authorities should focus on the province’s economic growth, which has fallen to 7 percent of the revenue budget plan, and to monitor investment and provide solutions so that the usage of land is in accordance with the law.

He also asked them continue implementing the poverty reduction programme and use the potential of the province, using water from the dam for the benefit of the province.

On the same occasion, two historic days were celebrated in memory of the cooperation and solidarity between Laos-Vietnam, along with a friendly relationship. The Deputy Premier also advised that authorities periodically review the implementation of government-issued legislation.

The Deputy Premier and his delegation also went to monitor two plantations and called on a wood processing factory, an Indian business investment with operations worth over 28 billion kip (US$ 3.415 million), including six branches in six provinces in Southern Laos.

The production of veneer, plywood and wood polish can reach export quantities worth 20 truck containers per month.

A briefing by Vice Governor Souksamai Chanthamath disclosed that the socio-economic development situation over the past months of the implementation, especially in investment, has allowed the running of five projects worth over 400US$ million and several projects are undergoing feasibility studies.

The agriculture sector is focused on turning production to raising cattle, goats, pigs, chickens, eggs, and meat, in 21 farms.

Rice production, the main focus of the province, reached more than 24,000 hectares and other cash crops such as coffee, corn, sweet potatoes, cassava and peanuts were also promoted over 11,000 hectares.

Source: Lao News Agency