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Avic Town – Project to Construct Affordable Houses in Kigamboni (allAfrica.com)

Millions of people in the Dar es Salaam city are expected to benefit from quality and affordable houses with the just launched Avic Town project at Somangira area in Kigamboni, Temeke Municipality.

According to the 2012 National census, Dar es Salaam statistics shows to have a population of about 4.3 million people making it one of the fast growing cities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

As the city is growing very fast each person has to think critically on how to accommodate themselves with their families.

Inaugurating the project, Vice President Dr Mohamed Gharib Bilal quote the late former President, Mwl Julius Nyerere who was once said that “in order for our country to develop we need four things; people, land, good policies and good leadership.” Dr Bilal pointed out that those were not mere words but rather obtained very important meaning because one needed to have a good shelter.

The government of China through its Avic International Real Estate Limited under the Avic Town project has done a very wonderful job in resolving problems of shelter in the country. “This is a very good achievement for not only buyers of these houses but also for our country in generally,” noted Dr Bilal.

The current demand for homes in the country goes to over three million units with the demand rising at an average of 200,000 units a year but only 15,000 houses are constructed a year. The government pledges to give full assistance and support on administration and procedures.

“We will give you priority as we can verily see the development as words spoken in 1970’s have been realized,” he said. In recent years, more and more Chinese enterprises came to Tanzania and have developed lots of projects which have improved and benefited people’s livelihoods.

The Ambassador to China in Tanzania, Dr. Lv Youqing said the project has act as very a good contribution to the economic and social development of Tanzania through job creation and public welfare activities which have been carried out by the company.

“For the past two years, Avic International has endeavored to build Avic Town into a high-end and low density community,” pointed out the Ambassador. Successful corporations in all fields indicate that the Sino- Tanzania relationship is moving towards a better world.

Since the visit of Chairman Xi Jinping, lots of economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchange activities sprung up, both officially and privately.

“The project aimed at providing local Tanzanians reliable and quality housing as it looks forward to a better future of the long lasting friendship between China and Tanzania,” he said.

The Vice President of Avic International Holding Corporation,Dr Cheng Baozhong revealed that the completion of phase one of the projects, prepares the commencement of next phases in a bid to increase more housing units in the country.

“The project will changes the lives of many individuals who used to live in unplanned house of which often are being knocked down because of either by the means of poor construction or destroyed by heavy rainfall,” he said.

With the infrastructure phase completed the beginning of a new construction stage of the project has just started. The company will sell bungalows and Villas that are fully furnished, best compound, security services 24 hours and there is a commercial centre inside.

Also, the sale will include the finished and unfinished houses and she added that the area is 583 acres that has basketball court inside. The company will deal with managing the properties in collaboration with the house owners in ensuring the maintenance of the house.

The apartments are located at Somangira areas that are 25 Kilometres from the ferry and the infrastructure is well constructed. It occupies the land parcel of 580 acres and will be developed in 12 zones with 4000 sets of luxury villas and apartments.

“People who will benefit from the project would not only be the residents of the community but the surrounding people of the area,” said Dr Baozhong.

Their global strategic plan is to develop apartment projects, residential projects and complex projects in 15 countries, such as Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Laos, as well as expanding markets there.

The company has prioritized Africa and Asia as key regions while studying on the development of Europe, America and Oceania.

From 2010, Avic International Oysterbay and Sea View apartments have been open to the public, the Avic Town project in Kigamboni runs in five phases and 3,000- 5,000 sets of houses will be built with qualified property services for comfortable and convenient life and also creating good opportunities of investment.

The Avic International Real Estate Limited has remarkable achievements in many business areas, such as international aviation, engineering, Real estate development and trade.