Azerbaijan national parks visited by 1,050 tourists in 2015 | Lao Tribune

Azerbaijan national parks visited by 1,050 tourists in 2015

About 75,000 tourists-1,050 foreign visitors and 73,950 Azerbaijani citizens-have entered the territories of Azerbaijan’s national parks in 2015, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources told APA.

According to information, the country has some 892546ha area under especial protection as well as 9 national parks, 11 state nature reserves and 24 wildlife sanctuaries. Special protection areas overall cover 10.3% of the country’s total area and national parks make up 3.7%.

A total of 815 acts and 263 protocols were filed last year over violations of law in special protection areas. The offenders were fined a total of 169,630 manats by administrative order. 18 cases were submitted to law enforcement agencies and 149 cases to concerned courts and executive units for legal actions to be taken.

Furthermore, 63 acts and 63 protocols were filed over illegal hunting in special protection areas and poaching in hunting areas. 57 hunting weapons and 250 cartridges were seized from the offenders, who were fined a total of 67,800 manats.