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Azerbaijani army destroys Armenia’s tank

The Azerbaijani armed forces destroyed Armenia’s tank, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said on April 24.

According to the ministry, the tank was destroyed while preventing the Armenian armed forces’ attacks on the positions of the Azerbaijani army.

“The Armenian armed forces’ tanks were observed on the positions on the line of contact in the evening of April 23,” the ministry said. “The tanks fired on the positions of the Azerbaijani armed forces, as well as attempted to attack by using additional forces.”

“Armenia’s attack was prevented and one tank with the crew was destroyed,” the ministry said. “Afterwards, the Armenians began to retreat.”

The Armenian armed forces again violated the ceasefire agreement.

“The Armenian armed forces have accumulated additional forces and military equipment in the direction of Agdere,” the ministry said. “While using heavy weapons, mortars, rocket launchers and artillery systems in the evening of April 23, the Armenian armed forces shelled the Azerbaijani armed forces’ positions and settlements near the line of contact in Azerbaijani Terter district.”

According to the ministry, the Azerbaijani armed forces responded with a counter-attack around the Armenian military base in Sugovushan (Madagiz).

“Nobody was killed or injured as a result of shelling,” the ministry said. “The Azerbaijani armed forces fully control the situation and Armenia’s actions.”

While making provocations on the line of contact, Armenia is trying to force Azerbaijan to start hostilities. Armenia’s military-political regime is fully responsible for the situation.

Source: Trend