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Be-Bound’s Offline Internet Introduced in Vientiane

Be-Bound from France launched a new technology in Vientiane Capital via an introductory seminar on how it can help people stay connected anywhere there is a working phone signal.

Be-Bound Tech enables developers to provide local relevant content to populations that were previously unreachable and will applicable for use in business operations, education, health, agriculture, services and economic development in other areas.

Be-Bound is a company with a patented technology that dramatically increases mobile Internet coverage and its accessibility, bringing services to the largest audience possible.

The seminar was held on Thursday Nov 18 in Vientiane Capital, aiming to introduce Be-Bound’s new technology and cultivate cooperation with the state, private companies and investors.

The use of this new technology will create opportunities for students, developers of information technology and programmers to build new applications that will benefit the economy and society as well as allow Lao people much greater access to data sources, especially populations living in remote areas.

Be-Bound is an internet service that was developed following the realization that 4 billion people in the world remain unconnected even though there are more and more smartphones.

Be-Bound is based in Paris but has plans to expand its branches and services to several developing countries.

Be-Bound Tech is available on the N4B Platform for mobile app developers who want to reach wider populations.

“Developers from anywhere in the world are now able to provide genuine apps to the 4 billion unconnected and create connected devices that work almost anywhere,” said Chief Commercial Officer of Be-Bound, Michel Ktitareff.

Be-Bound Tech enables developers to provide local relevant content to populations that were previously unreachable, and to create a new digital ecosystem for the world.

Be-Bound is a new mobile app for android that uses text messaging as the means by which to provide internet access at very low bandwidths to mobile devices when there is little or no data connectivity available through a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

To overcome this, Be-Bound is designed to provide users with internet access wherever they may be through 2G networks. The Be-Bound app is free to download from Google Play with users paying for the service by topping-up with pre-paid credits called “Be-Miles.”

According to Be-Bound, using the app is much cheaper than standard roaming costs and so is ideal for use when traveling abroad. It features built-in email, weather, news and Twitter functionality with the company claiming that it can even help users to save money on their existing mobile tariffs.

When connectivity isn’t an issue, Be-Bound can still be used when on Wi-Fi or 3G networks, with the company claiming it provides a faster means of accessing the internet than traditional smartphone apps while also reducing data usage.

Source: Lao News Agency