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Beerlao to decrease its bestselling Tigerhead Water

Lao Brewery Company, mostly known as Beerlao said this week it will decrease the price of its bestselling Tigerhead drinking water following the introduction of modern technology to its drinking water production line.

President of the Beerlao Brewery Company Sounthone Phommachack said that the company decided to reduce the price of its drinking water product because the company has introduced new technology and use thinner but stronger packaging material thus reducing the production cost of its drinking water product.

Yet Beerlao president didn’t reveal how much the new Tigerhead drinking water will be sold at.

Tigerhead drinking water is available in bottles of three sizes 1.5L, 0.6L, and 0.35L.

Tigerhead drinking water is the leading premium drinking water in Laos. Currently produced at 180 million littre per year, Tigerhead drinking water has been the market leader for many years.

Lao Brewery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1973 as a joint-venture between foreign investors and Lao businessmen originally under the registered name of Lao Beer and Ice Factory. At that time, the company had an annual production capacity of 3 million litres of beer, 1.5 million litres of carbonated drinks and a daily production capacity of 120 tonnes of ice.

After National Liberation in December 1975, the Lao Government took over the foreigners’ shares and followed by the voluntarily handing over of shares from the Lao businessmen to the State.

In 1993, Loxley Public Co., Ltd and Italian-Thai Public Co., Ltd invested in Lao Brewery Co., Ltd which enabled the increase on both its production capacity and marketing potential.

In 2002, there was a change in the foreign joint venture partners as the new partners involved were the Lao Government (50%), Carlsberg Asia Co. Ltd. (25%) and the TCC International Co. Ltd. (25%). In 2005 there was another change in ownership with the Lao government holding a 50% stake and Carlsberg Breweries also holding a 50% share.

On May 24th 2008, Lao Brewery Co., Ltd officially opened its second factory in Chapasak province. This plant composes of a full managerial and technological system. The factory’s production’s line is fully in command of computerized systems and innovative machines generating its annual production capacity of 50 million litters and could be extended to 200 million litters. In addition, carbonated and soft drinks affiliated to Pepsi Inc. are also produced here.

Source: Lao News Agency