Bidding on Fourteen Luxury Cars to Take Place on Feb 21 | Lao Tribune

Bidding on Fourteen Luxury Cars to Take Place on Feb 21

The first bidding on fourteen luxury cars withdrawn from Lao leaders is scheduled to be held on February 21, at 9:00 AM at the National Convention Hall, Vientiane Capital.

The luxury cars include seven BMW 730 LIs and seven Mercedes-Benz S350s, according to an announcement by the Prime Minister’s Office issued on February 8 on the bidding for the vehicles.

Bidding documents for the auction of the luxury cars withdrawn from leaders, a significant move to cut lavish state spending on vehicles, will be available from Monday Feb 13 through Feb 20.

A bidding document will cost 800,000 kip and those who are interested in the luxury cars can call Tel: 5552 1814, 9999 2142, 2222 5699 or 5653 5556.

The bidding will be done according to a law on state property – amended No. 14/NA, dated July 5, 2012, and Prime Minister’s Decree No 6/NA, dated January 16, 2017, regarding the withdrawal of cars from high-level leaders and the bidding process for the vehicles.

The 14 cars have been withdrawn from top and second level leaders, who announced they would set an example in frugality. It (the withdrawal) will be done in line with the new Prime Ministerial Decree issued early last month to regulate the provision of vehicles to leaders. The decree cuts expenditures on vehicles, fuel and maintenance costs.

Source: Lao News Agency