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Brand-new Japanese Films Screened In Vientiane

The Japan Foundation started its 3rd edition of Japanese Film Festival on Feb 23, 2019 presenting nine brand-new Japanese films commercially released in Japan in the past one year or so.

All of the films are with Lao and English subtitles and tickets are half-priced. Screening days are Feb 23 and 24 as first round and Mar 1 and 2, 2019 as second round.

I hope you will enjoy a wide range of selection, such as animation, horror-comedy, romance, sport, fantasy, teen drama, action and so forth, said Mr Hiroshi Uchida, Director of Japan Asia Center, Vientiane at the opening the 3rd Japanese Film Festival at Vientiane Center, Vientiane.

Film is an effective tool that enables us to understand different cultures. It has the ability to show the real lives of people living in different worlds, thus deepening mutual understanding among different countries and to encourage this process, the Japan Foundation has launched the Japanese Film Festival Project, said Mr Hiroshi Uchida.

The tiles of the nine films are Lu over the wall, Mixed Doubles, The 8-year Engagement, COLOR Me TRUE, Chihayafuru Part 3, Laughing Under the Clouds, Inuyashiki, ONE CUT OF THE DEAD and Mirai.

The Mirai by Mamoru Hosoda has just won the prize in the Annie Awards in Los Angeles this month and has also gained an Oscar nomination for the best animated feature film.

Under the same Japanese Film Festival scheme, the Japan Foundation Tokyo supervise and coordinate Japanese film festivals in 13 countries including Laos, that is 10 ASEAN countries plus Australia , Indi and China.

The Japanese film Festival in Vientiane is part of this large scale project. At the same time, as part of two-way cultural exchange with Asian countries, the Japan Foundation Tokyo showcases films of Southeast Asia at the Tokyo International Film Festival every year.

The Japan Foundation is Japan’s only institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international culture exchange programme throughout the world. It was established in Tokyo in 1972 by special national legislation under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its mission is to promote international culture exchange and mutual understanding between Japan and other countries.

Source: Source: Lao News Agency