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Cape Town’s Change of Tack – New Campaign Hopes to Fight Racism [analysis]

Cape Town has just announced the launch of its ‘Inclusive City’ campaign, aimed at combating incidents of racism. It’s an apparent change of tack, after multiple denials from the Western Cape’s leaders that Cape Town has a particular racism problem – but it follows several months in which racist incidents involving individuals have regularly made headlines.

Is Cape Town racist? Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has, in the past, rejected the notion that the city is especially racist compared to other places in South Africa. “This is a perception the ANC is trying to create because the voters of the Western Cape – a minority of whom are white – have rejected the ANC,” she told City Press in January.

In the past, Zille has been yet more adamant in denial. “If Cape Town is racist, why are people moving to the City in such significant numbers?” she wrote in 2009. “And once here, why are most of them so keen to stay?”

In 2011, singer Simphiwe Dana’s accusation of Cape Town’s racism on Twitter were met by Zille’s dismissal of it as a “baseless assertion”.

A few months ago, Cape Town’s Mayor Patricia de Lille asked…

Source : Daily Maverick