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Lao Students To Take Part In Exchange Programme In Japan

(KPL) Nineteen Lao university students on Oct 14 departed from Wattay International Airport bound for Japan to participate in the exchange program on environmental and disaster prevention under the framework of JENESYS 2019, which is supported by the J...Read More

Working Together For Lao PDR’s Sustainable LDC Graduation

(KPL) The Lao PDR is currently listed as a Least Developed Country (LDC). Countries recorded in the LDC category are defined as low-income countries that are facing severe structural impediments to sustainable development.Due to their status, these cou...Read More

Japan-Funded School Reconstruction Project Handed Over

(KPL) The government of Japan has handed over a Japanese Language Center, at the Nongbone Secondary School in Vientiane Capital, which was financed and reconstructed by the Japanese Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Projects (CGP).The official c...Read More

Band Of Life Attracts Crowded Audience

(KPL) Saturday's performances by the U.S band - Oscar Williams and The Band of Life � have attracted a large audience of young people, families and local fans in Vientiane Capital.The Embassy of the United States of America in the Lao PDR held on Satur...Read More

Twelve Students To Join Rugby Exchange In Japan

(KPL) On Sep 12, twelve high school students, two Lao government officials and one official from the Lao Rugby Federation departed from Wattay International Airport for Japan to participate in the Youth Rugby Exchange under the framework of JENESYS 201...Read More