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Will US Military Complete Planned Troop Cuts in Africa?

WASHINGTON, The commander of U.S. forces in Africa has cast doubt on whether the Pentagon will complete plans to cut forces in Africa by 10 percent as the Department of Defense announced late last year.In November, Pentagon officials said they would cu...Read More

Chinese Considered ‘Language of the Future’ for Young ...

LUWERO, UGANDA, As Uganda's population increases, many young people are having trouble finding jobs that pay well. A government directive to introduce the teaching of Mandarin Chinese in schools may lead to better employment opportunities.China is a ma...Read More

China Congress Meeting About Politicking, Not Legislating

BEIJING, Thousands of delegates from around China are gathering in Beijing for next week's annual session of the country's rubber-stamp legislature and its advisory body. The event is more a chance for the authoritarian ruling Communist Party leadershi...Read More

Analyzing farm household strategies for food security and climate ...

This paper develops a conceptual framework with an indicator-based approach to assess Climate-Smart Villages (CSVs) and applies it to case study sites in Lao PDR (Ekxang CSV), Cambodia (Rohal Suong CSV), and Vietnam (Tra Hat CSV) in Southeast Asia. The...Read More

New MG Models Unveiled

MG authorized dealer Vientiane Motor Marketing has unveiled at the Vientiane International Motor Expo 2019 four new MG models in Vientiane Capital.Unveiled on Feb 23 included 1.5-liter TECH 114 -horsepower MG ZS, 2.0L TGI Turbo-charged 220-horsepower M...Read More