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Cebu City agri office urges public to embrace backyard farming

CEBU: As the local government aimed to inculcate food security down to the household level, the Cebu City Agriculture Department (CAD) here intensified the promotion of improvised backyard farming.

Arlie Gesta, assistant head of Cebu City CAD, said the city government is offering seedlings and training for residents submitting their proposals to venture into backyard production using customized agricultural plots.

Gesta said the absence of adequate land is not a hindrance to family farming, saying that backyard farmers could use containers as nurseries.

‘We can improvise our backyard farm by using what available containers for our vegetable production,’ he said.

CAD’s agricultural technologist Warwin Anadia said a maximum of 20 seedlings would be given to anyone wanting to venture into backyard farming.

‘Interested (individuals) can have more than 20 seedlings,’ he said, adding that a letter of request is needed should anyone want to avail of the seedlings at the CAD office.

The program will prioritize
the city residents, he clarified.

The People’s Farm at the South Road Properties which was launched in June last year has been successful, with volunteers from different barangays here having harvested several varieties of agricultural produce.

Source: Philippines News Agency