Cebu City kicks off unique Nutrition Month with sports, exercises

In a bid to implement development similar to Singapore, the city government here on Tuesday launched a program that will promote health and well-being among the Cebuanos through nutrition, physical exercises, and sports. Daisy Villa, head of the Cebu City Health Office, said the city has a different version of celebrating Nutrition Month, stressing the city’s endeavor to promote components of diet and sustenance to the populace. She said the role of the youth in the city will take centerstage in the information drive to promote to the residents the importance of proper diet and daily exercise. ‘The youth is the hope and the future of our society. Let’s take care both their nutritional needs and physical activities that will promote their well-being,’ Villa said in her speech during the opening of the Nutrition Month at the Plaza Sugbo here. As implemented in the past years, the city will tap the City Nutrition Scholars (CNS) and the Barangay Health Workers (BHW) in cascading programs down to the 80 villages here. She said the CNS and BHW will oversee sports competitions for women and children in the barangays, to instill among households physical training that will promote not only the well-being of individual members of the family but also foster camaraderie among village folks. The local health office, she said, will also monitor nutrition-related activities of the barangay to ensure the success of the National Nutrition Council’s program in combatting malnutrition. ‘BHW and CNS in each area (village) should also participate in the sports or games to measure not only their skills in cooking healthy food and teaching children to eat vegetables and other nutritious food but also their strength in doing their daily chores,’ Villa said. She urged Cebuano parents to teach their children on the basics of proper nutrition and physical exercises help the city become progressive and Singapore-like. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency