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Champassak governor gives guidance to Covid-19 taskforce officials

Governor of Champassak Vilayvong Boutdakham paid a guidance visit to the Lao-Thai border checkpoint in Vangtao and inter-province and inter-district checkpoints to give guidance to officials there about Covid-19 prevention and control measures on Apr 25.

The governor issued an additional order on Apr 23 ordering the strengthening of measures against Covid-19. The order bans travel by individuals to and from Champassak, except for those who are permanent resident or have regular work responsibilities in the province, or authorized by the provincial taskforce.

Public transport between provinces and districts is also prohibited. Those in need of travel to other provinces or other districts for work responsibilities, must seek permission from provincial or district taskforce.

He also visited health workers at the Phonethong treatment centre, designed for Covid-19 patients with moderate to severe symptoms.

The 45-bed health centre may experience expansion or be turned into a field hospital in case the outbreak develops into something more severe.

Governor Vilayvong Boutdakham urged Party committees at all levels to guide educating, raising awareness about preventive behaviors such as wearing face masks, hand washing and keeping social distancing.

He also urged taskforce committees to intensify patrol and monitoring activities in risk areas across the province.

Source: Lao News Agency