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China Awards 160 Scholarships to Lao Students

Chinese Ambassador to Laos, Wang Wentian hosted a send-off reception party in Vientiane Capital on August 17, for 160 Lao students who have received Chinese scholarship in this academic year.

The scholarship awardees will pursue for bachelor degree course, doctoral degree and master’s degree programmes. All of them will leave for China at the end of this month.

Last year, China Scholarship Council (CSC) awarded scholarships to over 110Lao students.

They will study international economics and trade, international economics and business, international trade, international politics, business administration, accounting, finance, management, advertising, architecture and political science, among others.

Mr Wentian said that every year Chinese government awarded over 300 scholarships to Lao students. the scholarships come from China Scholarship Council, China � ASEAN Exchange Extraordinary Scholarships and the Chinese Government Scholarship Programme.

Last year, almost 9,000 Lao students went to study in China by the public scholarships and own expense.

The government of China provided more scholarships to Laos than other ASEAN member state, according to Wentian.

In addition to the Chinese government scholarship programmes, the authorities of Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Guizhou Provinces as well as Chinese Universities have also provided scholarships to Lao students.

Studying abroad may be challenging because of the language barriers and different culture, but it is a good opportunity to develop and I hope that they become a bridge to enhance mutual understanding and assistance between Laos and China, said Deputy Minister of Education and Sports Baolane Siliphanya.

Addressing the function, Mr Baolane expressed gratitude to Chinese government for its provision of scholarships and its contribution to human resource development, thus promoting its efforts to integrate into international and regional communities.

Ms Phetsamone Phommuny, who is a master decree scholarship recipient, expressed thanks Chinese government for offering me a scholarship, which is a great gift for me and thanks my organization–Lao News Agency for supporting and giving me a chance to study aboard.

She also said that China Scholarship Council will open for general public apply via website: on January to April every year.

Source: Lao News Agency