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Community-based sustainable natural resources management: role of the Small Grants Programme

An Annual Review or Grantee Meeting of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) was conducted to a large number of grantee partners from across the country together with faculty members and students at the Savannakhet University on Feb 24-25.

Participants gathered to share their achievements and to also discuss challenges faced in 2020, to better ensure an improved implementation and application of best practices.

Some challenges were discussed for instance knowledge management of project implementation and working with implementing partners at district level these will put in the account of corrective action for contin

The SGP provides funds and technical supports to empower communities in managing their natural resources.

The programme contributes to poverty reduction and this was affirmed by Mr. Souliyong as a priority of the government.

Mr. Virana also noted that, “The programme is in alignment with the priorities of the GEF Country Programme and the 9th National Socio-Economic Development Plan (2021-2026) in three main areas, namely biodiversity, land degradation and climate change”.

The GEF-SGP is implemented by UNDP and continues to empower communities around the country in managing their natural resources and improving their livelihoods towards food security and sustainable development. The small projects have demonstrated a good fit with what communities need in the direction of “Green and Sustainable” while aligning the approach of “Thinking Globally – Acting Locally”, with the Lao country programme strategy being “Community Action – Global Impact”.

In addition, the participants of the meeting also visited a project of the GEF- SGP at Non-Dou village, Xayphouthong district, Savannakhet. The project attempts to conserve biodiversity in conjunction with adaptation to the impact of climate change while improving water availability to ensure that villagers can practice agricultural production in dry season.

Source: Lao News Agency