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Cosatu – Vavi Misses the Moment and Hands Fate to His Enemies [analysis]

“This is a deliberate act of defiance on my part.” This was Zwelinzima Vavi essentially requesting that the trade union federation Cosatu fire him. At a melodramatic media briefing on Sunday afternoon, the soon-to-be sacked Cosatu general secretary made the rather bizarre, somewhat contradictory announcement that he had “reached the end of the road” but was not resigning from the federation.

He then proceeded to air Cosatu’s dirty laundry, including its financial troubles, all in the presence of a throng of Numsa members – the union expelled from the very building he was speaking at. In his head, Vavi’s strategy makes perfect sense. To the rest of the world, not so much.

Lesson one in the guidebook of political survival: Never call a media conference to announce nothing.

It was to be Zwelinzima Vavi’s big defining moment in his political career. It was supposed to exemplify the tragedy of the breakup of a 30-year-old trade union federation together with the dramatic announcement of his future plans. It could have eclipsed other big political moments in recent history – the announcement by Mosiuoa Lekota that he was “divorcing” the ANC, the announcement of Julius Malema’s expulsion from the …

Source : Daily Maverick