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Covid rapid test kits cannot deliver 100% accurate results, Health Ministry warns

The Ministry of Health has warned that none of Covid-19 rapid test kitscan deliver 100% accurate results and none of them has been approved by the ministry.

As the number of daily infections of Covid-19 is rising, many people are worried about buying Covid-19 self-test kits that are advertised on social media.

The Ministry of Health has recommended that only trained medical workers can use the rapid test kit.

“None of the brands available at the moment can give accurate results. Obviously, this provesthat they are very likely to deliver wrong results, especially when their readings are negative. Technically, most buyers of the rapid test kit don’t have experiences in collecting samples or may collect them improperly and this can lead to incorrect readings,” said Wednesday Dr Sisavat Soudthanilaxay, Deputy Director General of the Department of Communicable Disease Control, Ministry of Health.

He also warned of the disposal of used test kits. “Throwing specimens or used test kits into bin without disinfecting them is dangerous because they can be a source of infection and can spread the virus to family or close ones,” Dr Sivavat said.

“It is highly recommended that the test is conducted in a laboratory with specific techniques applied. Although you are tested with a rapid test kit, you still need to visit our service centre to find out whether you are infected or not,” he emphasized.

Source: Lao News Agency