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DA, local governments promote urban gardening to boost food security

LIPA CITY: The Department of Agriculture in Calabarzon (DA-4A) is ramping up its urban gardening campaign to help address food insecurity and malnutrition.

DA agriculturists have conducted urban gardening demonstrations before farmers and local government representatives from the cities of San Pablo, Calamba and San Pedro in Laguna, as well as the cities of Batangas, Lipa, and Santo Tomas in Batangas.

Maricris Ite, regional focal person of National Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture Program (NUPAP), said they encourage urban dwellers to plant fruits and vegetables in their yards or any other plot of land available in the city and suburban areas.

She said the DA and local government units are taking advantage of the renewed interest in home gardening to get more people residing in developed communities to start growing food at home.

‘By promoting urban and peri-urban agriculture, NUPAP provides communities with opportunities to grow their own food, even in limited spaces. This not only enhances local food pr
oduction but also contributes to improved nutrition, community engagement, and sustainable urban development,’ she told the Philippine News Agency in an interview on Saturday.

The DA urban farming initiative extends beyond meeting daily nutritional needs as it also seeks to foster entrepreneurship, add value for alternative livelihoods, and advocate for a healthy lifestyle by ensuring the availability of nutritious food.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) defines peri-urban areas as “zones of transition from rural to urban land uses located between the outer limits of urban and regional centers and the rural environment.”

Source: Philippines News Agency