Donate Blood app makes booking life-giving appointments a breeze

The National Blood Institute has launched a new smartphone application “Medlao” to help members of general public finish their registration for blood donation at their finger tips.

“The Medlao app can help those who are interested in donating blood to finish making appointments for blood donation before they arrive at donation centres. The app can provide instructions so that blood donors won’t need to waste time to complete their registration at the institute,” said Director of the National Blood Institute Dr. Chantala Souksakhone at a seminar on media role in mobilizing blood donation in Vientiane on August 1.

We want to make it as easy as possible for the Lao people to donate blood and save lives. Both Lao people and foreigners can download the app in seconds and complete their blood donation registration easily.

According to WHO recommendation, 1% of the population in a country needs to donate blood every year to secure adequate blood supplies, but blood donation in Laos is yet to reach the target. So we have developed this app to help more people donate blood.

“In the first six months, nationwide blood donation has stood at 34,614 bags, representing 47% of the annual plan. By the end of this year, as stated in the resolution of the National Assembly, blood donation in the country must reach 73,000 bags,” said Mr. Chantala Souksakhone.

With a population of 7.5 million people, Laos is required to have at least 75,000 people donate blood every year. In fact, only 55,000 people donate blood each year.

Over 67,000 people donated blood last year.

Source: Lao News Agency