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Donations Needed to Save a Scalded 8-Month Old Baby

Donations are being requested in order to save an 8-month-old baby who was scalded with boiling water in an accident on February 28.

The female named Vathsana Douangma is currently being given medical care at an intensive care unit – ICU room in Aek Udon Hospital, Thailand, according to Ms Phitsamay Sengchanh, who is a neighbour.

The accident took place to a five-member family in Tadthong, Sikottabong district, Vientiane Capital when a 12 year-old child, the victim’s older sister, accidentally spilled boiling water on the reclining baby while she was carrying the pot of boiling water to prepare noodle soup.

Ms Phitsamay said that the family is in need of financial support because they are poor as the mother earns a living from selling banh cu?n (a Vietnamese cuisine) and mieng kham, a Lao traditional snack at the market, while the father is unemployed.

The family needs to pay 15,000 baht (3.57 million kip, approx. US$436) per day for the child’s medical treatment.

As of Mar 3, some 20 million kip (about US$2,400) had been donated to help the family.

Individuals or organizations wishing to extend help to the family can contact: +856 20 569 15 333 (Ms Phitsamay Sengchanh).

Cash donations can be made to the BCEL account of THE ASSOCIATION OF VOLUNTARY RESCUE VIENTIANE: LAK010120000993902001.

More information is available at: 1624, +856 20 22 44 1624, or +856 20 23 44 9090.

Source: Lao News Agency