DPRK Children’s Palace Overflowing with Happy Laughter

What come first to the people with illnesses are usually anxiousness, worry, and sadness and misfortune.

It is because ordinary people in other countries have to shoulder excessive financial burden to get a medical treatment, and this turns out to be a signal that alarms a start of pain and misfortune for those people.

People in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – DPRK, however, are enjoying happiness without knowing the fees of medical treatment and medicines under the socialist system where people are valued most and provided freely with every possible condition of treatment and preventive measure.

This is common in all the hospitals in the country, and Okryu Children’s Hospital is no exception – children’s palace located on the side of picturesque River Taedong, where children’s laughter and people’s happiness continue to overflow, so much so that it gives the feeling of being in a rest home rather than in a hospital.

The hospital design is unique, vividly reflecting the children’s minds. The state is freely offering expensive medical equipment and supplies for the children of ordinary workers and farmers. The hospital has even been equipped with well-furnished classrooms for inpatient children to continue studying during their treatment periods.

Deeply moved by the feeling of gratitude towards the socialist state and system, their parents could not look, as they normally do, at their children’s beaming faces.

Nobody knew that DPRK’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un had visited the hospital construction site several times during the heat of the day when ordinary people were having rest away from the burning sunlight, and that he had continued his journey of devotion for the children day and night.

Kim Jong Un personally visited the construction site on the unforgettable day in July 2013, when the rain was pouring, and had first-hand knowledge of the medical equipment to be installed in the hospital. When he learned that some equipment is not included in the list for its high price, he earnestly said that all necessary equipment should be installed in the hospital, whatever the price, and that no expense shall be spared for the children. Not only all children but also entire people of the country were in endless tears of gratitude and thanks when they heard his words.

This is what cannot be otherwise.

In the capitalist societies where dignity and value of human being are weighed by the amount of money, parents are suffering painful experience of being forced to watch their children dying of diseases for lack of money.

The children bereft of caring hands are sold like commodities and commit suicides, unable to survive their miserable situation. These are the tragic scenes witnessed daily by the international society.

In marked contrast, however, Korean children are raised healthily as masters of the future, enjoying all the blessings of the world and freed from diseases without paying for medical treatment under the warm care of Comrade Kim Jong Un who holds children as kings and queens of the country and spares nothing for them.

That is why Korean people call the socialist fatherland as their life and defend it firmly so that no one would dare to provoke it.

Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, who looked around Okryu Children’s Hospital a few years ago, said that the hospital is a super-class health care institution and the DPRK’s close attention to children could be graphically seen in this hospital. Member of World Peace Council delegation expressed excited feelings, saying that the DPRK’s reality would be hardly believable without seeing it with one’s own eyes.

The world could see through the small yard of Okryu Children’s Hospital the true picture of the DPRK overflowing with happiness, as we hold the benevolent father in high esteem, and the ever bright, promising future of socialist Korea.

Source: Lao News Agency