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East Java Governor reviews staple goods prices in Situbondo

Situbondo (ANTARA) – East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa directly reviewed staple goods prices ahead of this year’s Eid al-Fitr at Panarukan Traditional Market, Situbondo District, on Saturday.ccompanied by Situbondo District Head Karna Suswandi, she met with several merchants and inquired about the prices of staple goods ahead of Eid. In addition to reviewing prices, the governor bought several commodities and distributed packages of goods to local residents in need. “Are prices here stable, Ma’am? I would like to buy these eggs and share them with customers here,” she said while greeting one of the merchants. The governor revealed that she and the officials in her administration have been visiting a number of regions in East Java in order to directly monitor staple goods prices and ensure that their distribution goes smoothly. “We have two things to ensure: sufficient supply of staple goods and the flow of distribution so that people can afford them and fulfill their needs,” she said. Based on a review, the prices of several commodities, such as rice, have been gradually declining, with a kilogram of medium grade rice selling for Rp11 thousand and premium grade rice for Rp13 thousand. However, the prices of several commodities have yet to experience any significant change. For instance, the price of chicken meat has remained unchanged at Rp27 thousand per kilogram, onions at Rp40 thousand, and beef at Rp110 thousand. Meanwhile, the prices of a kilogram of cooking oil and garlic are still quite high at Rp14,500 and Rp30 thousand, respectively.

Source:Antara News Agency