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Epson Launches New Ink-Tank L-Series 6 Printers

Epson launched six new ink-tank L-Series printers in Vientiane Capital on February 16, to celebrate its 6th anniversary with 15 million units sold in Asia.

The newly launched six models are multifunction printers that have been especially designed for government agencies and enterprises of all sizes, be they start-ups, SMEs or business organizations.

The L360, L385 and L485 are upgraded versions of existing models, with printing speed increased by 30 per cent. Meanwhile, the L605 and L1455 are the brand-new models.

“As an interesting market, Laos has received much importance from Epson. The country’s Gross Domestic Product has risen by more than seven per cent each year throughout the past decade,” according to General Manager of Epson (Thailand) Company Limited, Mr. Yunyong Muneemongkoltorn.

After making its debut in Asia in 2010, Epson’s L-Series inkjet tank printers have spurred the industry with the constant launches of new models. By the middle of 2016, L-Series sales went past 15 million units in the region, according to Mr. Yunyong.

He said that as for Laos, the popularity of branded ink tank printers has been on the rise. Several major printer manufacturers therefore have jumped into this market. Despite the intensifying competition, Epson’s L-Series printers are still hugely popular and enjoy growing sales.

Today’s launch of new L-Series models underlines Epson’s status as not just the market leader, but also the leader in inkjet-printer technology.

There are now 16 L-Series printers on the market to meet the needs of every of customers, according to Mr Yunyong.

With the ink-tank printers, we expect coverage to be 50% of the Lao market this year. For other ASEAN countries we also have a target 50%, according to Mr Yunyong.

Epson has branches in Luang Prabang, Champassak, Savannakhet and Vientiane Capital, according to Micro-Info Director to Laos, Ms Niravone Visonnavong.

Source: Lao News Agency