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EU-ASEAN Youth Photo Competition Winner Announced

Chanthavikone Louangpradith, aged 22 years old, has been announced as the winner of the EU-ASEAN Youth Photo Competition.

The competition was organized by the EU Mission to Laos and targeted the younger population aged 15-25 years old,” said Press and Information Officer to the European Union to Laos Thongvone Sosamphan.

The purpose of the competition was to mark the 40th Anniversary of EU-ASEAN dialogue relations.

Almost 20 photos shot by Lao contestants were submitted to the organizing committee of the exhibition.

The award winning photos will be displayed at an event to commemorate the 40th anniversary of EU-ASEAN dialogue relations which will be held in Vientiane in May, according to Ms Thongvone.

The first EU-ASEAN Youth Photo Competition was organized under the theme “Unity in Diversity” – the common spirit of both the EU and ASEAN people.

The relationship between the EU and ASEAN was established in 1977. Since then, the two countries have enjoyed a dynamic partnership in a number of areas, from political dialogue, cooperation in non-traditional security areas, trade and investment relations and connectivity, to cooperation in community building among ASEAN member states.

The European Union to Laos also announced opportunities for an EU-ASEAN t-shirt design competition available for people aged between 18 and 25 years old. The deadline for design submission is Mar 20, 2017.

EU ASEAN Youth Photo Competition Winners:

Lao PDR: A farmer planting rice – by Chanthavikhone Louangpradith

Most of ASEAN people consume rice every single day and today rice has become more and more important. I think rice farmers are the best way to describe and represent ASEAN people to the world. It is how we produce rice.

Brunei: The nature of tradition – by Azam Adam

Caption: When we mixed nature and our traditions, it is really beautiful. Thus it is a must for everyone to preserve their own heritage and culture.

Cambodia: Riding for the evening meal – by Valinda Aim

Caption:Children ride their bicycles across flooded rice fields in the raining season in Takeo Province of Cambodia.After school, farmers’ children help their parents look after cattle and collect freshwater crabs and snails to support their daily meals.

Indonesia: Potato Farmer – by Irianto Frederico Da Lopez

Caption:A potato farmer. She showed off her harvest with a happy face. Farming and gardening are very common jobs in Indonesia and have become one of the riches of the harvest and deserving of it are the farmers themselves.

Malaysia: People of Malaysia – by Durgendharan

Caption:Malaysia is a country unlike any other – full of promise and fragility. Its historic, cultural and religious diversity makes it a rich, compelling and surprising land. I’m proud to be Malaysian.

Myanmar: Traditional Fisherman – by Wai Yan

Caption: Fishing’s not just a sport; it’s a way of life!

The Philippines: Connected – by Prince Loyd Besorio

Caption: Different and diversified through race, colour, religiosity, language or even culture, but still showcasing candid connections and ties with each other and with the one goal of unity. ASEAN: “One Vision, One Identity, One Community”.

Singapore: Innocence – by Nur Zakiyah Binte Zakariah

Caption: A wedding that had taken place in one of the mosques in Singapore, Bedok, Al-Ansar. Children flock together around a smartphone. It does not bother them that they are of different races. They cannot speak the same language, but can still understand each other.

Thailand: Wonderful life of southern Thai – by Thisanut Kaewnukul

Caption: I studied in a Catholic school, I live next to a Muslim village and I am a Buddhist. This is Southern Thailand, where I grew up. Thailand is a land of smiles. Whatever we feel, we just smile first. That can make us feel happy. #smilefromsincere #happylife #Thailand #united #sawaddee

Vietnam: Hot Tofu in Saigon – by Nguyen Le

Caption: I called her “grandma” even though we are not blood-related. This street vendor has been serving hot tofu in my neighbourhood for as long as I can remember. Whenever I look back at my childhood, I think of her bowl of hot tofu that put a smile on my face every time I saw it. Although this is not an easy job that she has, I can feel her genuine love for her job, observing the way that she serves her customers. Her tofu, however, is not the most delicious cuisine I can find in this world, but her smile is definitely the warmest I have seen in my life.

Source: Lao News Agency