EU countries in political chaos, says expert

EU countries in political chaos, says expert

Brexit will trigger a domino effect, especially in Europe’s socially and economically developed countries, Naciye Selin Senocak, chair holder at UNESCO Cultural Diplomacy, Governance and Education Chair, Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (CEDS), told Trend June 24.

The expert says the results of the Brexit have been expected.

Britons held a referendum June 23 on whether the UK should to stay in the European Union, or leave it. The voting results indicate that the campaign to leave the EU, known as the Brexit, has won with 51.9 percent of the votes.

Senocak also says the EU countries are currently in a political chaos, and as a result, the UK, which is also experiencing the economic problems, did not want to remain in the Union.

She believes that by expanding the number of its members from 12 to 28, the EU has lost its power in economy.

“It is unreal for 28 countries, with different economies and cultures, to remain and act together in a union,” she said.

Senocak also believes that the economic crises in Greece and France broke the stereotype that the EU is a beneficial union.

“Along with that, the ineffectiveness of the fight against terrorism, the failure of immigration policies, and, of course, the Brexit further intensify the negative opinion about the EU,” she added.

The expert did not rule out that such countries as Sweden and Denmark, which are EU’s “financial sources”, can hold a referendum too on leaving the EU to avoid some possible risks in the economy.

“Only the post-Soviet Baltic countries still have hope for the EU,” she said. “But it is necessary to take into account that such EU founding members as France will never treat those countries as equal.”

Source: Trend