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EU Organises Its 7th European Food Festival

The seventh European Food Festival was held in Vientiane on 24 March 2018 at

parking area of the National Cultural Hall. As previous years, the event attracted several thousands of visitors.

The culinary event is organised annually under the joint initiative of the European Union Delegation to the Lao PDR and the European Chamber of Commerce to show the diverse, rich and well-loved cuisine of Europe.

It also helps promote cultural cooperation and tourism in Vientiane.

At the festival, the organisers brought more than 40 well-known European restaurants and food vendors across Vientiane to serve visitors in one place.

These restaurants represent countries such as Belgium, Germany, Italy, Russia and Spain.

The European Food Festival was opened by the European Union Ambassador to Laos Mr Leo Faber in the presence of Mr Sounh Manivong, DG., Tourism Marketing Department, Ministry Information, Culture and Tourism; and representative from the European Chamber of Commerce.

This 7th European Food Festival also hosted the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism to showcase the ‘Visit Laos Year 2018’ campaign.

Attendees also enjoyed numerous activities including live music, games, and activities for young children.

Source: Lao News Agency