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Famous Teas of Anhui Province

Anhui Province is one of the major tea producing provinces in China.

Many types of high-quality tea are produced here, including Huangshan Maofeng Tea, Keemun Black Tea, and Lu’an Melon Seed Tea.

Huangshan Maofeng Tea and Lu’an Melon Seed Tea are of the best Chinese green teas and Keemun Black Tea is a traditional tea.

Taiping Houkui Tea is a kind of baked green tea known for its two straight leaves clasping an enormous bud with white hairs. It is produced in high mountain tea plantations in Houkeng village.

I am Phetsamone PHOMMUNY, a journalist from the Lao News Agency. I joined more than 30 media representatives from ASEAN countries and China toparticipate in alarge-scale interview activity in southern Anhui Province, which was held between May 18 and 24.

The trip was organised by the Propaganda Department of Anhui Province Committee, the ASEAN�China Centre, the Anhui Province People’s Government Information Office, the China International Broadcast Station Southeast Area Broadcast Center, and the ASEAN Finance magazine.

Anhui province has a population of over 69 million and is one of the first few national technological innovation pilot project provinces, according to Director of Anhui Information Office Zheng Mingwu.

Today, all parts of Anhui benefitfrom the country’s strategic master plans for regional position development. It occupies an important position of China’s reform and opening-up as well as innovation-driven development, he said.

Source: Lao News Agency