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First Indian Classical Dance Show Debuts in Vientiane Capital

Last Wednesday night’s Indian Classical Dance performance at the National Culture Hall drew hundreds of local residents and Indian people.

The event was partly to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Laos and India and also to promote cultural exchanges, friendship, and cooperation between the two countries.

“Mohiniattam is one of the well-known Indian classical dance forms of India. It comes from the Southern province of Kerala. The roots of most of the Indian classical dance forms including Mohiniattam date back to the old text by Sage Bharata called ‘NatyaShastra’ – a Sanskrit treatise dealing with the performing arts. Though similar to other Indian classical dance forms, Mohiniattam focuses on LASYA which is more graceful, gentle and feminine,” said Ambassador to Laos, Mr Ravi Shankar Aisola.

The performances included a selection of traditional dances and shows by Indian artists.

Dr. Methil Devika who is leading the group of dancers in Vientiane is a renowned dancer of Mohiniattam. She is a practitioner as well as a research scholar of this dance form.

She was trained in Mohiniattam by renowned Gurus. She has received many awards for her dancing from reputed institutions in India. She is among the top artists for Doordarshan, the national television channel of India. She has performed in nearly all major dance festivals of India. Her performances have also taken her to the USA, Switzerland, Singapore and various gulf countries.

The Indian artists performed five different show pieces:

The first piece was called Natarajastotra. It is believed that Sage Pathanjali went to the Chidambaram temple to witness Lord Siva’s or Nataraja’s dance. Artiste: Dr. MethilDevika

The second piece was a beautiful depiction of the first meeting of Lord Rama and Sita in the gardens of Mithila prior to their marriage.

The third piece was on the Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is very similar to the Goddess Simhimukha of Buddhist tantra. She is also seated on a lion.

The fourth piece was a pure dance piece called Thillana. It is a combination of intricate movements done in numerous dance formations.

The last piece was the famous Paramita Sutra of Lord Buddha. It depicts the conversation of Buddha with his disciples who ask him what he sees in Nirvana.

The event was organized by the India Embassy to Laos.

Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Bosengkham Vongdara, Indian Ambassador to Laos, Mr Ravi Shankar Aisola, diplomatic corps and relevant officials attended the event.

Source: Lao News Agency