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Flood Hits Villages In Phongsaly, Trivial Damages Reported

(KPL) Flash flood damaged houses and farmlands in villages of Bounneua district and Phongsaly district of Phongsaly Province on Jan 8. Yet initial assessments by local authorities suggest that the damages were trivial.

Heavy rain falls between 6-8 Jan resulted in rising water level in Nam Ngay river in Bounneua district. The water then burst its banks and flooded farmlands and animal barns of families located along the river.

The damages were trivial as only four families affected, small area of farmland damaged and small number of poultry animals killed. The situation has returned to normalcy, Deputy Governor of Bounneua district Bounlek Lasoukan said.

As for Hadxa village in Phongsaly district, there are no severe damages, as the area is usually flooded and people realise this very well. In addition, since the village is located in the downstream area of the Nam Ou 6 dam and they are usually given warning signal, people in the area could leave the area before it was flooded, said Deputy Head of the Administration Office of Phongsaly District Sivilay Ounsane.

Source: Lao News Agency