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Fossil Unbound: Collaborating With Social Problem Solvers To Change Young Lives Worldwide (Just Means)

Fossil Unbound is an organisation that is creating tumbleweeds of change by supporting projects that are nurturing and inspiring children. It strongly believes the best social entrepreneurs aren’t just changing the world, they’re changing the way we change the world. It has an affinity for collaborating with social problem solvers who are devoted to supporting young people and also likes taking on big ideas. As result, Fossil Unbound is supporting a variety of powerful international projects in very diverse and unique ways.

One partnership is with Half the Sky, which is working with China’s orphanages through an innovative, child-centred approach. Half the Sky focuses on nurturing the ‘whole child’ through physical, intellectual and moral growth, ultimately transforming institutional care, and has already changed the lives of 122,338 children. This is a collaboration where Fossil Unbound not only invests time and resources, but also participates in the action. Many Fossil executives and employees in Hong Kong and China have directly engaged with the organisation, by assisting with fundraising events or visiting orphanages where Half the Sky has established children centres.

Half the Sky has made a huge impact across China. What started out as the personal story of a caring couple has now sparked a global movement to provide family-like love to orphaned children. More than 12,000 caregivers and teachers have been trained in responsive care where specific programs have been adapted for every age, from birth through young adulthood. Sadly, there are still 877,662 children living alone in China’s orphanages; Half the Sky, even with Fossil Unbound support, still has a lot of work to do.

Another great project that Fossil Unbound is behind is Room to Read, which is helping children across Asia and Africa become independent readers, enabling them to reach their potential and contribute to society. Today, 774 million adults across the globe can’t read or write. Room to Read is behind improving reading fluency and building a habit of reading in children by not just teaching, but by building libraries and making more books available. As a result over 17,500 school libraries have been established or improved, 1,150 plus local-language books have been published and approximately 16,000,000 books have been distributed.

Most importantly, more than 9.7 million children have been impacted by Room to Read programs. Fossil Unbound has been integral to this making this distribution, and has helped reach one million children through its support for the 2013 Checkout Challenge campaign. This made it possible for Room to Read to publish 155 children’s book titles and distribute more than 1.4 million copies in Laos, Vietnam, South Africa and Zambia. Fossil Unbound’s investment has enabled the establishment of 10 new libraries, reading and writing instruction in more schools and the publication of four local language children’s books.

Fossil Foundation has created a signature program to help young people around the world gain a better future by getting behind powerful, big ideas including knowing that incredible things can happen. 

Photo Credit: Fossil Unbound/Room to Read