Fuel Prices to Further Increase

Fuel Prices to Further Increase

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has announced an increase in petrol prices in the country for both benzyl by 60 kip and diesel by 100 kip.

Announcement No: 2262 of the ministry took effect on 6:00 AM on Thursday.

The price increase for oil is the second of its kind this month following fluctuations of fuel prices in the world market.

The adjustment to oil price has resulted in increases of oil prices in the following provinces:

Vientiane Capital and Vientiane (province):

Petrol: 8,620 kip/litre (premium), 7,620 kip/litre (regular)

Diesel: 6,660 kip/litre


Petrol: 8,620 kip (premium), 8,350 kip/litre (regular)

Diesel: 7,390 kip

Luang Namtha:

Petrol: 8,620 kip (premium), 7,980 kip (regular)

Diesel: 7,020 kip


Petrol: 8,620 kip (premium), 8,070 kip (regular)

Diesel: 7,110 kip


Petrol: 8,720 kip (premium), 7,720 kip (regular)

Diesel: 6,760 kip

Luang Prabang

Petrol: 9,080 kip (premium), 8,080 kip (regular)

Diesel: 7,120 kip

Xayaboury, and Huaphan:

Petrol: 9,080 kip (premium), 8,020 kip (regular),

Diesel: 7,060 kip

Xieng Khuang

Petrol: 9,080 kip (premium), 7,810 kip (regular)

Diesel: 6,850 kip


Petrol: 8,620 kip (premium), 7,740 kip (regular)

Diesel: 6,780 kip

Khammaun and Savannakhet:

Petrol: 8,650 kip (premium), 7,650 kip (regular),

Diesel: 6,690 kip


Petrol: 8,650 kip (premium), 7,830 kip (regular)

Diesel: 6,870 kip


Petrol: 8,680 kip (premium), 7,680 kip (regular)

Diesel: 6,720 kip

Xekong, Attapeu and Xaysomboun:

Petrol: 8,680 kip (premium), 7,860 kip (regular)

Diesel: 6,900 kip

Source: Lao News Agency