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Furniture Makers’ Need Better Craftsmanship to Make It Overseas

Lao furniture makers’ craftsmanship and skills need to be improved in order for them to meet the competition in the international market.

Currently, the demand for furniture products is high, and is expected to rise in the future, Vice President of the Lao Furniture Association, Mr Kongmala Phommalay, said at the Vientiane Furniture Fair 2017 in Vientiane Capital on April 3.

Lao furniture makers have so far tried to produce good quality products for customers, both domestic and foreign, he said.

However, the Lao furniture circle still needs to improve skills and quality of products in response to customers’ demand and we intend to penetrate the ASEAN country markets as well as other markets worldwide. If we do so, that will be a strong point of ours, Mr Kongmala added.

Almost 70-80 percent of local customers purchasing domestic furniture are high-income earners.

The Vientiane Furniture Fair will be a platform to share knowledge and experience, and help local entrepreneurs, businesses, and furniture-producing units countrywide know what things should be improved and better their products.

In order to bring products to overseas for sale, we must not refuse joint ventures with business partners in neighbouring countries, Mr Kongmala advised.

Harvesting every year’s experiences from the participation of overseas exhibitions helps us to improve the quality of the products we want to introduce to the international competitive markets, Mr Kongmala said.

Source: Lao News Agency