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General Electric Opens Representative Office in Laos

General Electric, an American multinational conglomerate corporation, opened on Friday its representative office in Vientiane, expanding its service in ASEAN.

The opening witnessed the presence of US Ambassador to Laos Rena Bitter, representatives from the Electricite du Laos, GE ASEAN President and CEO Wouter Van Wersch, the media and invited guests.

We have been in ASEAN for more than a hundred years as a company but in the entire ASEAN region, Laos is the only country that we didn’t have an office so last year, in early 2016 I came to the country, I met a lot of our customers and I met the government and we decided as a team that this is the place we want to do more, we want to contribute to the growth of the country, said GE ASEAN President and CEO Wouter Van Wersch.

He said that the main priority of GE in Laos would be in the fields of power generation field, hydropower technology, solar energy, coal technology, and power grid expansion, saying that GE’s involvement in developing power generation and transmission would help Lao realize its vision of becoming the battery of the Southeast Asia in the future.

The visit by President Obama last year was a good milestone for GE, as a number of agreements were signed. These included GE’s memorandum of understanding on training and capacity building with Electricite du Laos (EDL), which has resulted in a number of training courses held for EDL staff and officials in the field of hydropower over the past several months.

Source: Lao News Agency